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This organization 'AYUR HEALTH CARE' has been functioning in Narmada Shopping Complex since 15th of July 1991. The clinic utilized the service of leading manufacture's of Ayurvedic Medicines under the expertise of Dr. S. Satish Kumar. Since its inception it has emphasized on providing the importance to the

Abyanga Snanam (Anointment)

Oil massage of the body for 45 minutes followed by bath in lukewarm medicated water. Massage using herbal medicinal Powders for forty five minutes followed by bath in lukewarm medicated water.

It imparts a glossy softness to the skin, improves the color and strength, induction of physical strength and gives a tone to the tissues of the body. It also guards against the aggravation of the neurohumours - the vata and kapha. Regular oil massage slackens the onslaught of ageing.

(2) Pizhichil (Herbal Oil Bath)

This is done mainly as a curative and rejuvenative measure. It involves the pouring of lukewarm medicated oil on the trunk and extremities of the patient for a specific time and period according to the condition of the patient followed by massage.

Effective for :

1. Rheumatic complaints especially Rheumatoid Arthritis.

2. Hemiplegia.

3. Paralysis and all kinds of diseases of the Nervous system.

(3) Pindasweda (Sudation or fomentation therapy)

a. Elakizhi (Sudation done using herbal leaves).

b. Podikizhi (sudation done using herbal powders).

This method have a prophylactic, restorative and curative effect on the diseases of the Nervous system namely Hemiplegia, paraplegia, facial paralysis etc. The method in Elakizhi is the leaves of certain herbs are made into a bolus forms and is applied on the affected part. In Podikizhi the procedure is the same but instead of herbal leaves herbal powder is used in the forms of bolus.

(4) Dhara (Affusion)

This involves pouring of lukewarm medicated oil cows milk,butter milk,medicated water or decoction on the body and forehead in the lying position according to the condition of the patient. This is done mainly in cases of mental disorders and defective sense organs.

(5) Nasya (Errhine therapy)

In this therapy medicated oil decoction, juice or ghee are dripped on to the nostrils.

Effective for :

1. Numbness

2. Facial paralysis

3. Insanity, insomnia, glaucoma, weakness of eyelids etc.

6. Javara Kizhi (Rice Bolus Therapy)

This Therapy is carried out as a rejuvenative procedure. The treatment is carried out using medicated Rice ( Shashtika Shaali), decoction from root of herb Sida cordifolia and cows milk.The procedure involves massage using the Rice Bolus dipped in decoction and cows milk for forty five minutes followed by bath in lukewarm medicated water. This treatment is useful in curing general weakness of muscle, muscular atrophy and neurological complaints.

7. Siro Avagaha Sweda


The objective of Ayurveda is maintenance of the metabolic equilibrium of human body and restoration of the same to normality if it is disturbed by undesirable factors. The traditional and allied herbal ... >>readmore